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November 21, 2017


Get Creative: 6 Christmas Content Ideas  



At a time where people crave inspiration, more consumers are turning to you this Christmas!


With 84% of consumers trusting recommendations from friends and strangers over social media channels, it’s clear that the big opportunity for brands lies in word of mouth marketing. And this has not gone unnoticed. For brands that want to boost their presence among engaged, and focused audiences during this Christmas period, implementing Influencer marketing is crucial. More than ever this year brands are turning to you  in their aim to increase awareness for their products,  generate interest so as, to increase their holiday sales.


This means that it’s up to you to stop those consumers in their tracks and capture their attention with your content. That’s why we have 6 creative ways to promote brands’ products with your content this holiday season.



12 Days of Christmas


Leverage advent or the 12 days of Christmas to your advantage by publishing a new piece of content every day up to Christmas. By incorporating sponsored content among non-sponsored, it comes across as more genuine. Posting content regularly, with only some of it being sponsored is also a nice way to reinforce a particular product or brand indirectly.




Christmas Tips and Tricks


This idea can be applied to almost  every niche and category. Create a series of holiday tips and tricks whilst including the brand. Whether it’s interior, cooking ingredients, clothes or makeup. You can create a series of “how to… decorate the house, cook, dress or look this Christmas. And if the product has no Christmas denotation, whatsoever, hey… you can just show your followers how to wrap it up in a creative way.





One horse open sleigh


Take your followers on Santa’s sleigh ride by creating a Christmas experience around the product. Whatever it is you’re sponsoring, layer it into the many aspirational narratives around Christmas, from  family games to santa’s cookies & milk.



Santa’s list


Create a list with products you wish to receive over Christmas, and ensure to feature the brands’ products at the top of that list. Combining that with captivating content, your like-minded followers would have no reason not to include it in their own wish-lists!





‘Tis the season to be giving


Christmas is probably the only time of the year, during which you don’t have to reject collaboration opportunities from brands that don’t exactly match or resonate with your audience’s style. You can collaborate with a range of brands, by including their products in your gift-list, this way being a source of inspiration for gift ideas.




‘Tis the season to be winning


It’s very well known that people are more likely to participate in contests during the holidays more than any other season. Engage with your followers, by forming a giveaway contest, asking them to do something relevant to the holiday season, and make the product the prize! Whether, this means asking them to  post Christmas, outfit ideas, cake attempts, tree decorations, beauty looks or throwback pictures of their worst outfits, get your audience involved and spread that Christmas spirit.


If you are collaborating with brands on your content this season don’t forget to let your audience know! Make sure you’re  disclosing your posts and not breaking any rules!


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