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January 09, 2021


Behind the Feed: Interview with Monica Beatrice Welburn

Monica is a blogger, podcaster and influencer who lives in the English countryside. She’s been blogging since 2011 and shares all types of content from interiors, to skincare, wellbeing and travel.
We spoke about her content creation process as part of our Behind the Feed interview series where we get to know your favourite influencers better and ask the questions you really want to know.

What’s your favourite piece of content you’ve created whether that’s with a brand or just a photo you’ve taken and what about it is special to you?

Great question! But a tricky one to answer, ha! I have been creating content online for almost 10 years now so there are so many shoots and articles I’m proud of. In the past couple of years I decided to start sharing content about how I lay tablescapes at home, and it’s become one of my favourite content categories.

It reflects a true passion of mine (hosting friends and family), and though it’s a little left-field, it’s become something I regularly created content around. I’ve even started to work with brands on tablescape-specific content which is a dream come true for me! I am so glad that there are fellow table-laying nerds out there like me!

Is there a dream brand you’d love to collaborate with?

Why? I have always loved the beauty and lifestyle brand AERIN. Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of Estée Lauder, and now as well as working as style and image director of Estée Lauder companies, Aerin also has her own namesake lifestyle brand AERIN Beauty. I love EVERY single thing AERIN Beauty creates, from lotions through to table lamps and handbags. There is one AERIN Beauty scent which transports me back to a magical trip to New York with friends years ago. The imagery to accompany each AERIN Beauty collection is also always stunning.



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Three influencers that inspire you/ you love and why?

Julia Berolzheimer is one of the first bloggers I ever followed. Julia has gone on to expand her business to include a hugely successful fashion label Gal Meets Glam which sells beautiful clothing. It is so inspiring to me to see how bloggers build their businesses from websites up.

Camille Styles is the founder of the eponymous lifestyle website I find myself perusing article after article on Camille’s site, which is loaded with fantastic information on all things lifestyle and wellbeing.

Jess Ann Kirby has the most amazing taste, both in her home and her wardrobe. In the past few years Jess has pivoted her content to reflect her highest values – activism, natural beauty, pursuing a more purposeful life – and it’s something I so admire.

Weirdest request you’ve had from a brand?

I once received a request to promote T-shirts which had been painted by apes!

You’re in an alternate universe, what would you be doing job wise?

Ooh I love this question! If I were to pursue a creative path, perhaps I would be an artist. Had I had a completely different skillset, I may have become a doctor. But science was never my forte!

That’s a wrap

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