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Authenticated Media Kits with Instagram Insights

Showcase your social profiles and all important stats in an automatically updated media kit that brands trust.

  1. Supports Instagram Insights and Stories
  2. Create a private link to share with brands outside of ZINE
  3. Never email a screenshot again 
  4. Your Media Kit will be visible to Brands on ZINE
  5. 100% Free!
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Understand your audience

Track your growth, engagement and audience across all of your social channels from the ZINE dashboard.

  • Follower growth across channels
  • Engagement analysis
  • Audience engagement
  • Track media kit views
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The most valuable inbox yet..

Have complete control over your brand collaborations on your desktop or on the go.

  • Get Product, Paid & Event Collaborations
  • Speak directly to brands and build relationships
  • Integrates with your email
  • Mobile optimised for easy communication on the go
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The ZINE Brand Catalogue

  • Browse brand profiles and campaigns
  • Apply to collaborate with a single click
  • Discover new brands
  • Paid, Product & Event collaborations
  • No commissions

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We love using Zine because

I love the efficiency of the ZINE Media Kit. It has such a beautiful and concise layout. And I love keeping up to date on my stats so easily.

The ZINE Media Kit has been a great resource for not only myself, but one that I share with other bloggers who don’t know what to include in or don’t have a media kit yet.It’s an easy reference to share it a simple link and the platform offers a clean professional aesthetic.

Our ZINE media kits have been SO helpful when working with advertisers and brands. Before, we had these documents that we had to regularly update manually with analytics and rates — and then convert into large PDFs that we emailed.

I have been very happy with ZINE media kit, it’s always up to date and has all the relevant information in a pretty package!

What the heck! This is amazing! I can’t believe this hasn’t existed before! Thank you SO much!!!

ZINE has really helped me strengthen my brand relationships and helped me secure paid campaigns. I love my ZINE media kit as it produces a high quality portfolio of the work I have done over the years and the brands I have worked with.

Not only does my ZINE media kit help me keep track of my growth and engagement but it also showcases my collaborations in an organized manner. I send it to any and all potential sponsors and have recommended it to many other influencers who are just getting started!

We love using ZINE because “we can easily pitch new agencies and brand’s with a quick and easy link to our updated Media Kit in real time.” Thank you so much!

ZINE allows me to showcase my work in a professional way which I couldn’t do before. But I believe the best part is that it pulls all my most important information from my social network and blog, and updates my profile automatically so I don’t have to worry about it. Thank you ZINE!

Vanessa Valiente


Lavenda Memory


Jenn, Kristen & Erin


Susana Hawkins


Vanessa Hunt

@wanderlust.crew /

Anna Shearer

@lefashionfetish /

Emily Blanchard

@emilyeveryday /

Two Trends


Marcos De Andrade



Frequently Asked Questions


ZINE is a Technology company creating powerful analytics tools for influencers. Through the ZINE catalogue, Influencers also gain exposure to top brands and agencies looking for collaboration partners.


Any influencer, no matter how small or big can sign up to ZINE and use our free analytics tools and media kit. Inclusion to the ZINE database is done on a case by case basis and at our discretion.


ZINE is free for influencers! But if you would like to give something back, feel free to mention us on social media 🙂


Absolutely! ZINE has been approved by all of our social media partners and is using their security standards for authenticating social accounts. No passwords are saved or even seen by ZINE.


Yes you can – ZINE allows influencers to create a unique link to their media kit and share it with whoever they want, no sign up or sign in to ZINE required.


Of course, please feel free to use the live chat on this site to ask us anything.

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