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Using Audience Insights To Add Value To Collaborations




Understanding your audience is the key to unlocking more value out of influencer marketing campaigns, both for influencers and brands. In addition to your reach and engagement which we helped you to calculate previously (assuming you don’t already have your ZINE Influencer profile which does all of that for you), getting a deeper understanding of who your fans on each channel are, including their age, gender, your most popular cities, and who your most influential followers are, means you can better position yourself to brands you’d like to collaborate with. And these potential brand collaborators who have to justify why it’s so important to work with you, can better demonstrate the value of your partnership and rest easy in the knowledge that they are reaching the right people.


That’s why we decided an audience insights dashboard would be an essential addition to the tools ZINE provides it’s influencer community. So we created it.


The Audience Insights Dashboard is a one stop shop to monitor growth and engagement across all your social channels and your blog. We have also added some in-depth analysis of your Instagram audience to include who your most influential followers are and how many followers you may have lost (eek!).



There are a whole host of pay to use services you could use to answer these questions (we won’t mention any names), but at ZINE we believe in the circular economy of Influencer Marketing. That means, the more we invest in you, the better campaigns you make, the happier brands are with the results, and the more money they want to spend on Influencer Marketing. That’s why we pour half of our resources into free tools for influencers like you!


Understanding your audience is key to creating better content and monitoring your growth across platform isn’t only essential – it’s also fun.


If you’re an early adopter and already have a ZINE profile, access your insights from the menu at the top right of the screen and watch your audience grow. If you haven’t yet signed up to ZINE don’t worry – we won’t leave you out. Create a ZINE profile for free, connect all your channels and get immediate access to how great your business really is!


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